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Small Melon Basket Weaving Course

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Small Melon Basket Weaving Course

Brittany Stanton
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This self-paced basketry course will teach you the skills and techniques to complete a Mini Melon Basket. Using video, visual, and written instructions, Brittany will walk you through using rattan reed and basketry tools to make a handwoven basket. The mini melon is a straightforward exploration of ribbed basketry, a style employing ribs that run diagonally across the basket. The melon basket is named due to its rounded melon-like shape. It's the perfect size to collect summer tomatoes, hide the remotes, or use as a gift basket. 

This is intended for intermediate basket weavers. If you are new to basket weaving, consider taking Brittany’s Cross-Stitch Napkin Basket Course to learn foundational basketry techniques before attempting this basket. 

What’s included:

  • Step-by-step video tutorial of the entire basket-weaving process
    • Brittany will show and explain how to do each technique. The video presents multiple angles to give the best instructional experience
  • Illustrated instruction manual
    • Clear photo instructions
    • Materials and tools list
    • Cut list - lengths of stakes and spokes
    • Suggested resources for materials and tools
    • Additional basket weaving resources and inspiration
  • Rattan Basket Weaving Guidebook by Brittany Stanton
    • Glossary
    • Explanation of different reed types
    • Tools used in rattan basket weaving
    • Resources

Basketry skills and techniques learned in this course:

  • Working with hoops
  • Cutting and trimming ribs
  • Working with flat reed
  • Weaving over a rim
  • Ribbed basketry
  • Weaving a gods eye

This basket course covers rattan basket weaving techniques. The material we use is called rattan reed and is processed from a tropical vine. The vine is turned into different sizes and shapes and imported as a basket weaving material. Resources for this material are included in the instruction manual. 

The approximate completed size of this basket: 

Dimensions: 10 inches in diameter 

  • Please note that every basket will turn out slightly different depending on the person weaving. No two baskets are identical, as this is a handcrafted piece, and each weaver will approach the process slightly differently. The dimensions included here are the intended outcome but may be altered or turn out slightly smaller or larger. 
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Included: pattern, videos for each step, instruction booklet, rattan weaving guidebook

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